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PaNdOrA-Fantasmal SadnessBOTAP PaNdOrA-Fantasmal SadnessBOTAP

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wet Panties.....

Hehehe this was cool, although i think you sent me the exact mp3 on msn :d.What would do it for me is a harder bassline :D.Otherwise this is really good <3.


Pandora-Tranquil responds:

yep, thanks for the review bro


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Why can't i scroll to the 10's?

This was pretty cool.I like the main flow of the track the most, altho i guess you know that i'm more into heavier bassline.I liked this alot :D.Great work.And the girly voice fits good too :D


DjSpada responds:

Hey Bounce3! I have to say your songs are excellent! Now about your review!
The bass i created was made a softer bass because it muffled the piano sound :P. So i made it just a little softer so you where able to hear the piano. :D lol Im glad you like the girly voice. I wasnt to sure people would like it at first, but so far everyone seems to like it! :D

anyway thx for your review! BYE!

PaNdOrA-Wilted Dreams (Beta) PaNdOrA-Wilted Dreams (Beta)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well pandora

It's nice to see your progress ;D.When i'll get my cpu back ill teach ya another thing or 2 man...great stuff

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

couldnt do anything without u bro, u taught me alot already.

Tetris-The New Block Tetris-The New Block

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Pretty good.....But, i shouldn't have heard this, now i'm going to do just the same.....Hehe remix the track ;D.good work

*+*+Lemmings Level 17+*+* *+*+Lemmings Level 17+*+*

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Hehe nice...

Just thinking back on the days when i played this game on my amiga.....HOLY shit hehe.This tune kinda makes me wanna "jiggle" in the beginning....Dunno why.It's good...I like hwo you used the strings combined with a brass(?).Definetly deserves my 5.


Chronamut responds:

thats an oboe actually - i faded it out and modded it to sound real too. I also used a flute toms and drums in ther that werent actually in the original. I actually could have made this song more complex but oh well too many cooks spoil the broth I suppose..

And yes I played this as well waay back in the day. I still have the dos version that I play now and then - mostlt to hear the music.

I think its the toms and drums that make you wanna jiggle.

I plan on doing another classical song from lemmigs so look out for it!

I think I'll wait until the d/ls are enabled tho again..

thanks for the review B0UNC3 - first one i've gotten from you! You make awesome music!


PsyBot - Ghost Machine PsyBot - Ghost Machine

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Swede power!!!

Hehe it's really nice, made not exactly my style but still.Dam good track ;).The guitar sound nice too..

Argh hehe.If ya wanna you can add me on msn....In my profile.

Keep this up man.

///B0UNC3 (The Swede)

PaNdOrA-Tranceual PaNdOrA-Tranceual

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This was very comfortable to listen to with my super 1337 headphones.Kinda made me "shake that ass".Well....ehm ye u know i stink at reviewing so ill just say that this is awesome and be done with it.



Pandora-Tranquil responds:

thanks u pwnage lil pwnage person PWNAGE!!! AGHGGGHHHHHH

cant wait to submit our pwnage collab lol

Fleets (1min 52sec) Fleets (1min 52sec)

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This was very sweet....Sounded kinda retro gamish....Maybe alittle to much dist(?) on the claps...Otherwise the track is extremely good....Would you consider a tad bit louder bassdrum tho?


AdmiralConquistador responds:

Yea I know the drums(claps mainly) are a little screwed up. I would consider a bassdrum volume increase, yes sir! The only problem I have with finishing this song is that I made this song in FL studio, and now I am used to Reason, but it looks like this song is making me new fans, so sure! Anyway, thanks for the great review and for the download, cheers!


Nightfall Nightfall

Rated 5 / 5 stars


I really liked this track....Sounds like u used the 3xOsc bell from fl right?Pretty tight melody :D.Definitly a favorite now....
Keep it up.


NewStuff -Fuel Mix- NewStuff -Fuel Mix-

Rated 3 / 5 stars


This kind of reminds me alittle of a tutorial track in FL :SSorry if im coompletely mistaken.
anyway its a nice track,good work.


Fuel2Fire responds:

Your not mistaken at all.. the first 23 seconds or so belongs to "Un-Scene" and the rest is how I've improved upon his work. He did an Extremely good job with creating the pattern, I just feel the arrangement could have been better. I also used this pattern to create "Power Slide" a bunch of months back when I first started.

I'm by no means trying to steal sum1's work. I gave Un-Scene full credit when I first sub'd this song. I'd actually like for him to hear this to get his opinion on my take of his song.

Thanks for the review. Try my other stuff :D