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DJ API - Rush DJ API - Rush

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Vanguard y0

LOLS nice song dude..altho i would prefer it with an lfo offbeat bass ;)

Ridilan responds:

OMG! The great BOUNC3 reviewed my song. This wouldn't have been made without him though. Hoo Haa. Thanks.

+*+Key of the Twilight!+*+ +*+Key of the Twilight!+*+

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This track totally owns man, i luv it!

Chronamut responds:

yay! Short but sweet!

(i still think one line says "ovaries of destruction be a lullaby for rebirth...")


NDP-Get Up Baby(Voc)DEMO NDP-Get Up Baby(Voc)DEMO

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This was pretty kewl, but you still need to master it.As what i really think this track would need is a low freq bassline instead of that vanguard bassline or what that is.Also try to compress it alittle more and you will have the pumping beats that i know you want ;)

NDP responds:

ill try that man!

Death To be True Death To be True

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the only thing i can say is lower the volume on the first instrument

Heitoki responds:

I did, but when i exported, it kept coming out loud... so i said,"The hell with it". And uploaded it here. Thank you for the review.

PS- I love your songs ^^

My Demise (Better Quality) My Demise (Better Quality)

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Hmmm ok.

Just to start of, the fact that this track only sounds on the left speaker made me mad :P.Tho i'm a trance producer, i can say that this was quite nice actually.But please fix the sound problem...It can't be me because neither my speakers or my HP's give sound on the R channel.Good work neway

EckHart responds:

Thanks man. I hear what you mean about the speaker and everything. I'll get on that.


NDP-Tribute[M] NDP-Tribute[M]

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Lol dude ur learning fast ;D.I liked this one..But IMO as i said on MSN could do this track even more impressive.Keep it up.

NDP responds:

thx man, but your help actually led me to this so yeah, thank you


Pandora Tranquil vs SGF (full) Pandora Tranquil vs SGF (full)

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Really fucking...

...stupid comment..Really fucking nice work too

Pandora-Tranquil responds:

yay love the stupid comment lol

Evershine (Super PuffPuff Mix) Evershine (Super PuffPuff Mix)

Rated 5 / 5 stars

I'm not to sure about happy hardcore...

but i can still say that this track is awesome ;D.I like this better than my own track.Really fascinating.Keep it up


AznPB responds:

:) Thanks BOUNC3 for the review, it really means a lot to me when you say that!

All My Tens All My Tens

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Haha this is absolutley amazing :P.I never actually thought u would make this :P.Really nicely made

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spawn28 responds:

what can i say, i was bored, and i mean what i say lol, its funny really! sorry about making it so short though

+*+*Glistle!*+*+ +*+*Glistle!*+*+

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Really nice one dude :D

I really didnt think you were good at trance, but DAM i was wrong.This was really ownage dude :D...I LUV it :D


Chronamut responds:

hahaha THANKS MAN!

don't expect me to bow down or nething tho hehehe

I actually TRIED on this one. Hopefull you'll see better stuff from me in the future k?

see ya in the trance portal!