Entry #2

New music; Support?

2013-08-20 16:32:19 by B0UNC3

I "finally" got persuaded into producing House / Electro / Dubstep:ish music. Your support would be greatly appreciated! :)

There isn't much music online at the moment but we are working on tons of new tracks :).

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Follow @ CenterWall Twitter (Not that I know how to use it very well.)

Also be sure to follow my partner in crime Assaro on Soundcloud! :D


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2013-08-20 19:22:28

Another one sells his soul to dubstep.

B0UNC3 responds:

It's not that bad, I'll rarely make any dubstep anyway. :)


2013-08-28 03:21:52

The thing that hurts the most dubstep wasn't very popular. Now dubstep is soo popular, but Hands Up isn't that popular like dubstep is. waaah!

Are you done with Hands Up though? You were sooo good at that genre.


2014-08-16 06:49:26

meh I was hoping for some trance, even if it's out of fashion now...


2014-08-19 23:28:57

Me too.... his new account doens't have much either :/


2015-10-19 09:11:13

I love your music. Are you a member of the audio community. Because I really wanted to be scouted. I don't have my music. I have free music from other artists. I obviously give them credit. Do you know how to get scouted.


2017-05-17 16:22:21

Are you still making music these days? I've been listening to your stuff since 2005, but I don't see anything from you since 2013. Let me know where I can find your music and I'll buy your album! :)