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B0UNC3 - Semi-Retired project.
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It's great to see that you're starting up again with music. Hope to hear some excellent tracks from you!

Thanks the support, I'll try my best to make each track a different experience so I hope you'll be happy with what you hear!

Congrats on rejoining.

Wooho thanks!

Nearly 25 are u :), only 19 myself, nearly a 1/5 of a century, anways, ive subbed to ur new account, hop to hear more from u soon :3

If you had a VCR as a kid you know you're getting old. Oh you will :).

Hey man you can still use this account just request a name change!
Send Wade a PM!
I recently had my username changed, it is possible, that'd save everyone relocating to your new, blank, account. Unless you deliberately want a fresh start. ;)

Yeah I know, but this account has sort of a history (personal milestones etc) and I'd like to keep that intact. It might sound ridiculous but yeah :P. Besides, fresh starts are always good.

I'm adding links to the new account all over the userpage, hope that makes it easier^^.

Awesome! It's good to see that you're still around! I remember listening to Paradise on E... back in 2005? Wow, I'm only 15 now, so I must have heard a bit later on. I'll admit, I'm a sucker for cheesy trance, but seriously it's timeless. I just wanted to say though, that PoE is what really got me into electronic music (and music in general for that matter). My tastes have moved on a little since then, but theres nothing like a strong, energetic beat. Anyway, thanks! can't wait to hear your new stuff!

(oh, it's been 3 months?)


I'm still around :P

I've listened to your music from 2005-2012

Awesome :D

ur prophile pic iz 2 dark and edgy 4 me

That's how I roll.

Yes, upload them, do, do, do!
Also good luck with Kooohler, the world will remember you as B0unc3 anyway :P

I didn't know it was you who made the original"crying soul"
Anyway just wanted to say that your music is awesome :)

Sound of My Dream unpublished......liked that one alot. Tho Im glad I had a portable HDD to store stuff on before you did. I still have it, and still listen to it from time to time. On the subject of crying soul, I couldnt care less who made it, out of every version of it, I've only liked/downloaded the ones from your page.

Why did you leave us?