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Semi-Retired, the chance of me producing more dance music is small at the moment. I want to broaden my spectrum and that's exactly what I intend to do. :)

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Posted by B0UNC3 - August 20th, 2013

I "finally" got persuaded into producing House / Electro / Dubstep:ish music. Your support would be greatly appreciated! :)

There isn't much music online at the moment but we are working on tons of new tracks :).

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Also be sure to follow my partner in crime Assaro on Soundcloud! :D

Posted by B0UNC3 - April 30th, 2012


I unpublished some tracks to clean up my audio page.
These were unpublished:

B0UNC3 - Here We Go (2:51)
B0UNC3 - Sound Of My Dream
B0UNC3 - FF B0unc3
B0UNC3 - My Frequency (Short)
B0UNC3 - Sing A Song (Instrumental)
B0UNC3 - Alive
B0UNC3 Is A Pirate
B0UNC3 Is On Da Move!!!
B0unc3 New Test Omg!!! (Chrono eternity)
I'm Raving B0UNC3 REMIX (The full remix is still up)
The Final Fantasy
B0UNC3 - 5:19 Random VG Stuff (Will be uploaded on my other account instead)
B0UNC3 - Paradise On E (Demo)
B0UNC3 - Paradise On E (Remix)
B0UNC3 - Paradise On E (Club Demo CUT)
The full version (The one you know) of PoE is still up. :P


I've been thinking for the first time in ages...:
For a good while I've been tired as hell of the name "B0UNC3". 1337speak was cool when I was a kid and I unfortunatly have to face reality.....I'm almost halfway to being halfway to a 100 years old, wrap your head around that one.

Yeah, so I've been thinking about it for a little while (circa 2006) and I pretty much decided to ditch this name as an alias.
It sounds stupid, looks stupid and people STILL don't know if they should say "bounce" or "bounce 3".

: For the record, It's "bounce".

I'll keep the account active and everything since this is the name people know me by, there's no need to confuse you folks more than necessary. :-)


New account:
I'm going to start posting music on my new account and I'll post whatever I make. I want to get back into experimenting with music as I did before shit hit the fan*. I personally feel I lost my touch somewhere between 05 and 07 and I want to get it back. Guess we'll see how that goes.

Although, I'll try my best to avoid any cheese music, so don't go expecting more of that from me.


* before I submitted PoE.

Paradise on E....hmmm that has been something I've been asked alot about.
It's not written in E, it's not short for any drug etc.... I had intended for it to be called "Paradise on Earth" but newgrounds had to preserve the pixels in the name so I had to shorten the title.

Oh and how could I forget the biggest one.... "Who originally made Crying Soul?"

Answer: I was writing a cheesy tune together with LX system (now known as Qulinez) but he quickly dropped out before we made anything substantial. Around this time we had a competition going on on the newgrounds forums (Botap) and I decided to finish the track myself and submit it for shits and giggles.

The rules only allowed for songs up to 1:30 so I submitted the first few things I did (which ended up sounding like shit by the way). While working on the track I showed it to a guy I talked to back then (Splash) and he asked me if he could make a remix of it. I'm such a nice guy in reality so I figured why not?
(Insert semi-epic pause here)

Long story short, I spilled coffee on my computer, frying the HDD and losing the project, but since splash had already come a decent way with his remix I figured I'd let him release it anyway because it kicked ass. That is why there are remixes but no original...(or well, it is on my YT page but still...Ignore it).

In reality I don't really care who takes credit for the song, It's cheesy and childish so I'm fine with not taking the blame....really......REALLY >:C.


Yeah yeah, stfu/GTFO!:
Um yeah, guess that's it for this years news post.